Jun 2019

Halytech as released a special microSpider Industrial based solution that provides all the standard microSpider logging and reporting capabilities PLUS video capture and transmission for server-based analysis of river flows and volumes.

The microSpider manages all the video camera power, operation and storage functions plus the transmission of captured video to a central server. Transmitted footage is then centrally processed to calculate flow rates and volumes in channels and rivers.

Video is captured and transmitted controlled by the hydroSpider based on; a time schedule and/or on exception events such as high rainfall, changes in level or other events based on any measured parameter.

Power consumption is kept to a minimum as the camera is only powered as required. IR camera capabilities even allow for operation of the solution at night time.

The back-end software, not provided by Halytech, uses novel video analysis techniques which can calculate flow rates using water surface image analysis and calculate river discharge. KU-STIV (Kobe University Space-Time Image Velocimetry) is one example of image analysis software that could be used


Feb 2020

Halytech has released LTE Cat M1 variants of the microSpider Environmental, microSpider Lite and hydroSpider. 

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