microSpider Industrial

The microSpider Satellite has been superseded by the microSpider2 Satellite

The microSpider Satellite is a complete data logging and telemetry system. It includes all software, hardware, backup battery and a built-in satellite modem. The enclosure fits standard DIN rail brackets.

The microSpider Satellite can

  • monitor inputs (analogue, digital, counters, frequency, quadrature/shaft encoder)
  • control outputs
  • generate exception reports
  • record data
  • send data via e-mail or FTP
  • communicate via Iridium Short Burst Data /LAN module
  • be used in wet environments

The microSpider Satellite is ideal for long term monitoring and can interface with a wide range of sensors and meters. The browser interface makes it easy to set up and test. It can be powered from 12V DC.

The microSpider Satellite logs data and automatically sends reports via email.  Alarms can be set to trigger the sending of exception reports.


February 2013

Responding to requests from its customers, Halytech has improved its Illuminator sportsfield lighting management system to monitors energy use and, where appropriate, enable councils to charge for it.

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