Feb 2020

Halytech has released LTE Cat M1 variants of the microSpider Environmental, microSpider Lite and hydroSpider. The new products use the Telstra LTE Cat M1 service that provides greater coverage and a lower power consumption. The new devices can thus be installed in more remote locations, deeper in-building and sub-surface areas, while reducing power consumption and considerably extending battery life

Telstra claim LTE Cat M1 has a coverage area of more than 3 million square kilometres which means devices can send and receive data from locations that previously had no coverage. You will find that even though your phone doesn’t have coverage LTE Cat M1 will operate perfectly.
Fixed installations have the additional advantage of being capable of using optional external antennas to further boost the signal strength and extend the range.

Battery life is increased significantly as the modems inside the devices register with the network much faster while also drawing much less current while operating. MicroSpider Environment and Lite units can expect batteries to last at least 50-75% longer.


GPRS Static IP addresses for remote monitoring & data-logging

Sydney, NSW 8th October 2012

As a result of recent changes made by Australia’s mobile phone carriers, Halytech can now offer its Spider range of data-loggers with a GPRS static IP address. This is a major breakthrough for remote monitoring in Australia.

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