Halytech provides a range of accessories from cables through power supplies to complete enclosures. We can provide all the accessories required to power, connect and install Halytech equipment.

High Gain Antenna
For short and long term monitoring
Improves performance of WRX wireless receiver
Lithium battery for microSpider for up to 5 years life
Connects microSpider to the computer's Ethernet and USB ports
Connect external sensors and other devices to the microSpider
15V DC 2.5A
Double Insulated power supply.
Enables two systems to be attached to the one meter.
12V 7.2Ah SLA
Hi quality Sealed Lead Acid Battery


March 2017

In response to customer requests, Halytech has implemented the Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) for its microSpider2 and hydrospider2 data loggers, making it easy to fully integrate the loggers into centralised SCADA systems.

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