microSpider Comms CableHalytech microSpider Comms Cable allows connection between the microSpider and a computer. This Y-Cable connects to the computer's USB and Ethernet Ports, and to the comms port on the microSpider.

The microSpider Comms Cable can

  • provide access to the microSpiders built-in webserver via any web browser to configure settings and download log history.
  • provide power to the microSpider so the PC can be connected for a long time without draining internal batteries
In situations where multiple microSpiders are being setup, only a single comms cable may be required. The comms cable is only required when the user wishes to access the internal web server to change settings or download history via LAN. Therefore, a single cable may be 'shared' among multiple microSpiders.
Note: this product is not compatible with microSpider industrial as the microSpider industrial requires standard Ethernet and USB cables.



GPRS Static IP addresses for remote monitoring & data-logging

Sydney, NSW 8th October 2012

As a result of recent changes made by Australia’s mobile phone carriers, Halytech can now offer its Spider range of data-loggers with a GPRS static IP address. This is a major breakthrough for remote monitoring in Australia.

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