KGC MainKogarah Golf Club, located in beautiful surroundings on the Cooks River just opposite Sydney Airport, is a long established club going back 80 years or more and, like most golf clubs in Australia, is very focussed on its use of water.

In 2008, in response to Sydney Water’s Every Drop Counts program, Kogarah Golf Club (KGC) installed a Halytech Spider AMR system to monitor the two main water supplies and a number of on-course distribution pipes to help determine how much water was being used and, more importantly, where the system comprises a Spider AMR base station and a number of WTX transceivers which read pulses from water meters and send the data wirelessly across the golf course to the base station. Spider AMR collates the data and, once a day, sends it to a web-based water monitoring and reporting facility supplied by Halytech. This facility enables KGC General Manager, Tony Rodgers, to analyse the club’s water use in detail and produce reports. The data is also sent separately to Tony by email where it can be stored for future reference or analysed using a spreadsheet.  

KGC’s water billing is based on the total amount of water being provided by Sydney Water to the club. Using data logged by Spider AMR to identify how much water was being used for irrigation and how much by the clubhouse, KGC was able to get the sewerage charge reduced and save a considerable amount of money.

KGC Water ViewHaving used the system for some time, KGC is now well acquainted with its pattern of water use and can use the daily data report from the Spider AMR to identify any leaks and repair them quickly. 

Mindful of the ever increasing cost of water, Kogarah Golf Club has been able to secure access to a nearby water bore to meet some of its irrigation requirements. When water is eventually piped from the bore, an extra WTX transceiver will be added to log the water meter data to ensure that the club meets the requirements of the bore’s water production licence.


Feb 2020

Halytech has released LTE Cat M1 variants of the microSpider Environmental, microSpider Lite and hydroSpider. 

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