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The microSpider2 Satellite is a complete data logging and telemetry system. It includes all software, hardware and a built-in satellite modem.

The enclosure fits standard DIN rail brackets. Alternatively, the satellite modem can be supplied as a factory option for the microSpider2 Environmental which has an IP68 enclosure.

The microSpider2 Satellite can

  • monitor inputs (analogue, digital, counters, frequency, quadrature/shaft encoder)
  • control outputs when alarms are activated
  • generate periodic reports
  • record data
  • send data via Iridium Short Burst Data

The microSpider2 Satellite is ideal for long term monitoring and can interface with a wide range of sensors and meters. The browser interface makes it easy to set up and test. It can be powered from 12V DC.

The microSpider2 Satellite logs data and automatically sends reports via Iridium SBD satellite.


Economical – low upfront, installation and operational costs

Easy to use – simple familiar web browser interface

Easy to install

Integrated mounting – DIN rail compatible.

Simply connect antenna, battery / supply and inputs.

No special software required

setup and download using browser

reports sent straight to your PC or server

receive SBD reports via email

No licenses, royalties or service agreements

Large internal memory – full local backup of data


Dimensions: (approx) 156(L) x 60(H) x 87 (W) mm

Weight: (approx) 500 g

Operating temperature: -5 to +50 degrees Celsius

Data Recorder

Capacity: approximately 400,000 records

Storage memory: Non-volatile FLASH

Time resolution: 1 second

Download format: CSV file

Power Supply

Operating voltage: Nominal 12V DC

Integrated battery charger regulator: Charges an external 12V SLA battery from an external 12V solar panel or a 16 - 30V DC 2A
power source

Backup battery: Internal, user replaceable 9V battery (optional)


Factory backup 12 months parts and labour guarantee


Number of inputs:

  • Up to 4 digital
  • Up to 4 analog
  • 4 system inputs
  • Up to 20 SDI-12 / Modbus (with optional SDI-12/Modbus Interface)

Digital Inputs:

  • 0 - 12V DC Voltage or voltage-free switch contact
  • Can be used as switch, event (rainfall) or counter inputs (user selectable)

Analogue Inputs: Resolution 12 bits

  • 4 - 20 mA, common ground
  • 0 - 2.4V, common ground
  • 0 - 5V, common ground
  • 0 - 10V, common ground

Counter / Event Inputs

  • Minimum pulse width: 5 ms
  • Maximum frequency: 100 Hz
  • Range: 0 - 999,999

System Inputs:

  • System temperature
  • External battery voltage
  • Charger voltage
  • LAN power voltage


Number of outputs 3

  • 1 x Switched power for sensor power / control
  • 1 x Open collector for accessory control
  • 1 x Low power sensor supply (3.3V or 5V)


Number of alarms: 16

Trigger: User definable input and trigger point

Actions: Control of up to three outputs, based on input levels and/or date/time

Communication Interfaces

Ethernet 10/100 base-T, RJ-45 connector

Communications module: Iridium satellite

Internet connectivity: LAN


The Iridium satellite modem can also be supplied as a factory option for the microSpider2 Environmental


Weatherproof enclosure

SDI-12/Modbus Interface

GPS Interface

Mains power supply

Solar panel

Sealed lead acid battery


microSpider2 Environmental Satellite Software v1.92 (Zip File)

microSpider2 Industrial Satellite Software v1.92 (Zip File)

Manuals / Brochures

microSpider2 Satellite Brochure

microSpider2 Satellite User Guide v1.01


Halytech introduces new microSpider Satellite data-logger

Sydney, NSW 20th August 2012

Halytech is pleased to announce its new low-cost, low-power solution for remote monitoring and data logging which uses the Iridium satellite network Short Burst Data (SBD) service for automated data delivery. 

Read more ...

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