Sports Facility Lighting ControlIlluminator

Halytech Illuminator is a cost effective floodlight control and facility monitoring system for sports fields, parks and other public places. Using a web interface, facility managers set up clubs so that authorised members can turn lights on or off via SMS.

Each Illuminator can

  • control up to 8 independent groups of lights
  • support more than 50 authorised user groups
  • automatically send usage and billing reports

Designed in conjunction with local councils and sports clubs, the system is suitable for a single field or a whole regional network of fields and facilities.

It can easily be added to existing installations to provide sophisticated, flexible control of all lighting functions, without the need for expensive centralised computers and software.

Authorised members use their unique PIN to control lights through SMS messages or via a keypad at the facility. Changes in schedules due to weather, time extensions and other unforeseen events are handled by the clubs themselves, requiring no involvement of the facility administrator.

The system records every command, identifying the user that issued it, and automatically sends periodic reports via email. The reports can be used to prepare billing and usage reports.

The Illuminator can also:

  • Connect to electricity and water meters to collect usage information
  • Monitor tank levels, pumps, intruder sensors, alarms and excess water usage
  • Control Irrigation
  • Generate SMS alarms on tank levels, leaks, excess water or power usage

  • Easy to use - simple web browser interface
  • Cost effective - no complex servers or software
  • Full remote access
  • Full control - Setup groups, PINs, timers and overrides
  • Self serve - clubs manage own schedule within allocated times
  • Reduced wastage - lights don't come on until activated by the user
  • Improved accountability - full log of all activity
  • Reduced cost and response time - new users can be given access in a matter of minutes
  • Improved efficiency - issue PINs by phone, no need to send physical items such as keys, access cards etc.
  • Improved security - change PINs as often as desired
  • Improved vandal and damage control - use alarms to notify of break-ins, flooding etc.
  • Automatic and remote control - manage lights, irrigation and other facility devices.
  • Automatic recording and tracking of power and water usage
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Australian made -  local support
  • Reduced cost - pay only for actual usage
  • Increased convenience
    • no need to inform anyone of game cancellations or time extensions
    • turn on the lights while driving to the field, the lights are warmed up and ready on arrival
    • use your own mobile phone, no need to search for light switches etc. in the dark
    • No mobile phone? - Enter the same PIN using the keypad
    • No keys or access cards to lose or forget


  • Dimensions: (approx) 110(W) x 200(H) x 85(D) mm
  • Weight: (approx) 800g
  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 50 C

Power Supply

  • Input Supply Voltage: Nominal 12V DC
  • Input Current: less than 120 mA
  • Battery Backup
  • Integrated Battery Charger


  • Number of outputs: 8
  • Type: Normally open relay contacts
  • Contact Rating: 1A 30VDC resistive


  • Number of inputs: 8
  • Types: Digital, voltage free switch contact, Digital, Analogue


  • Number of alarms: 8
  • Action: SMS transmission and/or output activation

Data Capacity

  • 10,000 records
  • Time Resolution: 1 second
  • Download format: CSV - compatible with all spreadsheet programs

Communication Interfaces

  • Ethernet 10 base-T, RJ-45 connector
  • Cellular phone module Built-in GSM or NextG
  • External antenna
  • Optional - Wall mounted Keypad

Spider Battery (Lead Acid Battery)

Spider Power Supply


Illuminator Brochure

Illuminator User Instructions

Illuminator Quick Start Guide

Illuminator Manual v3.21  For Illuminators running Software Ver 3.2 or later

Previous Software Versions

Illuminator Manual v2.26 For Illuminators running Software Ver 2.3 or earlier

Illuminator 2 Software (v4.05)

Upgrade from v4.00

Upgrade from v4.01

Upgrade from v4.03

Upgrade from v4.04

Full Image (use if upgrading from pre-v4.00)

Filling Station 2 Software (v4.05)

Upgrade from v4.00

Upgrade from v4.01

Upgrade from v4.03

Upgrade from v4.04

Full Image (use if upgrading from pre-v4.00)

If Club A turns the lights ON with PIN A, can Club B turn the lights OFF with PIN B
No the lights are ON and owned by Club A until one of the following occurs
- Club A turns the lights OFF using PIN A
- Club X takes over ownership by turning the same lights ON using PIN X
- End of day turn OFF time occurs
- The Administrator turns them OFF

If Club A turns the lights ON at 5:00pm using PIN A and Club B turns the same lights on at 8:00pm using PIN B. Later on if Club A tries to turn OFF lights using PIN A what happens?
Nothing, the lights stay on as they are owned by Club B after 8:00pm


March 2017

In response to customer requests, Halytech has implemented the Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) for its microSpider2 and hydrospider2 data loggers, making it easy to fully integrate the loggers into centralised SCADA systems.

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